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المنتدى الإفريقي الأول للاقتصاد البنفسجي

1er Forum africain de l'économie mauve

1° Fórum africano da economia púrpura



“Climate threats, cultural responses”

Under the High Patronage

of His Majesty

King Mohammed VI

(AR) العربية




1er Forum africain de l'économie mauve

المنتدى الإفريقي الأول للاقتصاد البنفسج

1° Fórum africano da economia púrpura

“Climate threats, cultural responses”

4/5 November 2016

La Mamounia


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General conditions

ARTICLE 1. Scope


The general conditions herein (hereinafter referred to as the “General Conditions”) apply to all individuals or legal entities, whether professional or non-professional (hereinafter referred to as the “Participant(s)”), registering to participate in the 1st African Purple Economy Forum on 4 & 5 November 2016 in Marrakesh, Morocco (hereinafter referred to as the “Event”), organised by SOFIEM, with head offices at 37, rue des Mathurins – F-75008 Paris (hereinafter referred to as the “Organiser”).

Registration for the Event corresponds to the "Forfait individuel 2 jours" (access to the Forum, lunch, breaks and cocktail reception included).


ARTICLE 2. Registration

Registration for the Event shall take place via the website. Registration shall be approved by the Organiser, which addresses the Participant a registration confirmation including a registration number (hereinafter referred to as the “Confirmation”), along with the relevant invoice (hereinafter referred to as the “Invoice”), at the electronic address provided by the Participant during the registration process.


ARTICLE 3. Registration fees

Registration fees are stated in Euros (EUR) all taxes included, and are firm and non-reviewable throughout the duration of their validity. They include entry to the Event and food services.


ARTICLE 4. Personal data


In line with the 6 January 1978 Law on Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties, Participants are entitled to access, correct and oppose the use of information regarding them, by writing to the following address: SOFIEM, 37, rue des Mathurins – F-75008 Paris, stating the family name, first name, address and, where possible, registration number. In line with the regulations currently in effect, Participants writing in must sign their letterand include a photocopy of an identification card bearing their signature and stating the address to which the response is to be sent. A response will thereafter be sent to them within two (2) months, following receipt of their request.

All information and data requested regarding the Participant are needed in order to process registration. This information and data will also be kept for security reasons, in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and in order that the Organiser may improve and customise the services offered and information addressed to Participants.


ARTICLE 5. Event entry


In order to enter the Event, Participants must show their Confirmation and official ID to the officials at the entrance.


ARTICLE 6. Revocation


Pursuant to the provisions set out in Article L. 121-21 of the Consumer Code, Participants shall be entitled to a full (14) fourteen-day pull-out period, from the time of Confirmation delivery, to cancel their registration with the Organiser, by registered letter with return receipt requested, addressed to the Organiser (SOFIEM, 37, rue des Mathurins – F-75008 Paris).

In this event, the Organiser shall, within a (30) thirty-day timeframe, proceed with the full reimbursement of all registration fees.


ARTICLE 7. Force majeure – exceptional circumstances


The Organiser may not be held responsible in the event of failure to execute its duties, resulting from a case of force majeure or exceptional circumstances, as defined by French law.


ARTICLE 8. Limitation of liability


Notwithstanding other provisions found in the General Conditions and unless an imperative legal provision exists to the opposite effect, the Organiser may not be held liable for any change to the Event’s agenda.


In any case, the Organiser may not be held liable for Participants’ registration or participation in the Event, nor for any other occurrence, the cause, consequence or focus of which is the Event, regardless of the foundations, beyond the amount paid by the relevant Participant for registration fees, as the Organiser may not, in any case, be held responsible for direct or indirect operating losses, an increase in costs, or loss of income undergone by a Participant.


ARTICLE 9. Dispute


Any dispute to which Event registration and participation may give rise shall be set before the relevant courts, under common law terms.


ARTICLE 10. Contract language – governing law


The General Conditions and operations resulting from them are governed by French law. They have been drafted in French as well as in other languages. However, only the French text will apply in the event of dispute.


ARTICLE 11. Independence of General Conditions


Should any of the provisions contained in the General Conditions come to be declared null or unenforceable, due to a final court ruling or pursuant to a law or regulation, the other provisions in the General Conditions shall remain in effect and the Parties will then commit to negotiating in good faith to substitute this rule for another one that is valid and which comes as close as possible to the intent and effects of that deemed invalid.


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