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Morning: “People: the main foundations of tomorrow”


09:15 | 09:30   Opening


09:30 | 11:00   Round table: “Investing in education”


The new state of play, in terms of globalization, demands a considerable and sustained investment in both initial and vocational training. A world in constant motion requires each person’s intelligence, combined with ever greater technical and cultural skills.


11:30 | 12:30   Round table: “The globalized economy and
                            the organization of interculturalism”


How do groups that are increasingly characterized by staff and market diversity manage themselves? More globally, at the level of international organizations and the vast groups that they represent, how do economic governance and the cultural dimension work together?


12:30 | 13:30   Finger food reception

Discussions will be held simultaneously in the six official languages of the United Nations

(Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish).


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