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ARTICLE 2. Registration

Registration for the Event shall take place either via the website or by sending the registration form via email (at
Registration shall be approved by the Organiser, which addresses the Participant a registration receipt including a registration number (hereinafter referred to as the “Receipt”), along with the relevant invoice (hereinafter referred to as the “Invoice”), at the electronic address provided by the Participant during the registration process.
Unless reservations or claims are expressly set forth by the Participant within two (2) days following receipt of the Invoice, the said invoice shall be deemed in line with the Registration.

ARTICLE 3. Registration Fees

Registration fees, which shall cover the price of packages offered by the Organiser for event participation, are stated in United Arab Emirates dirhams (AED), and are firm and non-reviewable throughout the duration of their validity.
They include entry to the conferences and, depending on the package chosen by the Participant, food services (finger food and cocktail receptions on 9 December are included in each of the packages).


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