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What is the purple economy?

“The purple economy refers to taking account of cultural aspects in economics. It designates an economy that adapts to the human diversity in globalization and that relies on the cultural dimension to give value to goods and services”

(as defined by a working group of representatives from UNESCO, OECD, Diversum and other important organizations)

Diversum coined the term in 2011, backed by UNESCO, the European Parliament and the European Commission.


An itinerant International Forum


Every two years, the International Purple Economy Forum sets its sails for a great cultural region.


The first edition of the Forum was held from 11 to 13 October 2011 at Espace Cardin in Paris. Many high-level speakers (including ministers, business leaders, academics and artists) were in attendance, giving presentations in Arabic, English, French, Italian and Portuguese.
>> PARIS 2011

The 3rd International Purple Economy Forum is scheduled for 2015, in Latin America or China.

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